Huawei Ascent Mate 7 has very thin bezels

Huawei’s Ascent Mate 7 has made it to the rumors quite a lot of times, and we have another new rumor today. It comes from the Chinese micro blogging site,…


Microsoft remove over 1500 apps from its Windows Store

One thing which Apple does right is screen all the apps which go to the iTunes or the App Store. Android is not yet there, as Google’s philosophy is to…


ASUS Tranformer Pad is coming again with new features

If you are looking for a new tablet laptop hybrid, then Asus has something for you. But it looks like this series of new tablets will not be coming to…


Samsung Galaxy Alpha pre-order starts on Aug. 28th in the UK

If you have been waiting for a new Samsung Galaxy device, the Galaxy Alpha will be ready to pre order as soon as next week, at least in the UK….


Chassis of the 5.5 inch iPhone leaked

The next generation iPhone is just weeks away. But the rumor mill will still not stop churning out new news. Today, we have a leak again. This time, it is…


LG to release a new G Watch with AMOLED display

LG was one of the first manufacturers to out a smartwatch based on the Android Wear operating system. The South Korea based Samsung was one more manufacturer. Now, according to…

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 specs revealed from AnTuTu benchmark

Are you waiting for the next awesome phablet device by the South Korean tech giant? Well, there have been many rumors in the past about the Samsung Galaxy Note 4….


Microsoft’s WindUp app is only for research

Microsoft release a new app last week to the Windows Phone Store, the app is called WindUp. The app lets its users share text, images, videos, audio snippets, all for…


Samsung Gear VR spotted in a leaked image

Virtual Reality is a big thing now, as you all know. A lot of companies are trying their luck with this, even the South Korea based tech giant, Samsung. According…


HP Calculator watch prototype from 1977 on sale for $14500

Today, almost all major smartphone and tech companies are in a rat race to out the best smartwatch the mankind has seen. But the thought of smartwatches is very old,…